Destinations | Lake Eyasi and Hadzabe Tribe

Lake Eyasi is a beautiful Soda Lake between the Eyasi escarpment in the north and the Kidero Mountains in the south. It’s a dry and hot area and the lake size is depending on the rains. Sometimes it is little more than a parched bed, however usually large enough to support a lot of different water birds, including populations of Flamingos and Pelicans.

It’s the area which live the Hadzabe (also known as Hadza or Tingida ) people who are believed to have lived here for nearly 10.000 years and are hunters and gatherers. Their language is characterised by clicks and may be related to the South African San.

Eyasi is an wonderful destination after from Serengeti or Ngorogoro, for anyone looking for something remote and different. Its possible to arrange visits to the Hazabe Tribe and even go hunting with them.

About Lake Eyasi:
Soda Lake on the southern border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Getting there:
A rough road leads from Karatu to Lake Eyasi
It will take about a 2 hours drive from Karatu to Ghorofani (near the lake)

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