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Amani Forest Nature Reserve is one of the latest Nature Reserve establishedby the government to protect flora and fauna of eastUsambara. It harbors some of the animals only seen in Usambara such as Nduk eagle owl. It was first established in 1902 as an agriculture research station by the Germans, and was turned into a nature reserve in 1997. Amani Botanical gardens, the second largest botanical garden in the world lies in this reserve. Today the area continues to play a significant part in medical research hosting the Amani Medical Research Centre . The Nature Reserve has now been turned into an eco tourism attraction with greater emphasis on walking and hiking. It is located in Tanga region.

Walking and hiking through the forestry is the main attraction. Well-established walking routes are present. While walking you have an opportunity to see black and white colobus, blue monkey, and the nature's main attraction, Nduk eagle owl, a specie found only in Amani. You will also see nine species of African violet garden flowers and colorful butterflies some of them foundonly in Usambara . Other birds include green headed oriole, Amani sunbirds, Uluguru violet backed, forest warbler . To sum up the area has wonderful birds, butterflies, animals and plants some of them found only in this area.

Three routes have been established :
- Kwamkoro - Potwe - Gereza - Kwagunda - Ubiri - Amani
- Amani-Zirai-Kizara-Kwamkole-Mzia-Mashewa-West Usambara
- Amani-Zirai - Kizara - Lutindi - Magoma - West Usambara

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