Destinations | Zanzibar Pempa Mafia Island

Where better to go after a safari or a tough climb? Zanzibar, the Spicy Island is a tropical paradise just off the coast from Dar es Salaam, also easy to reach from Arusha. Let Maji Safaris arrange for you a relaxing beach vacation on the Isle of Zanzibar or on Pemba or Mafia Island.

Zanzibar is a cultural safari in its own right, but the beaches and scuba diving are the primary draw. In the North and East, the villages of Nungwi, Jambiani and Makunduchi await you. Here you can relax in the warm, clear, shallow waters of the Indian ocean, or go for a dive along the many reefs that ring the island. The most popular dive spot, Mnemba Atoll is a major tourist draw.

The heart of Zanzibar is the ancient Stone Town. The tiny historical district of Zanzibar town is a cultural microcosm of the West Indian Ocean. Here you can see Persian, Arabic, African and Indian influences vie for supremacy. The streets are so narrow that barely a moped can get through in places. Centuries old buildings have been tastefully restored into beautiful hotels.

Pemba and Mafia Island are less visited by tourists and there fore more unspoilt. Beautiful deserted beaches and deep blue, clear waters are the main attractions of these islands. Direct flights from Arusha and Dar es Salaam are available.

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