Special Requests

CK Safaris is a tour operator that can make sure your tour is totally adjusted to your needs. This means that you can choose your own route and accommodation, but we also take into account other circumstances. For example, if you use medicines that need to be cooled, then we will provide you with a cooler for the duration of the whole tour. Should you have physical limitations, we can arrange for an adjusted room or one near the main facilities. Another common request is a special diet. The lodges and camps will be happy to assist in any special diet needs.

Another form of real special requests is a guide who speaks your language. In Tanzania, all guides speak English, so that is already a good start. You may really want to make a trip to Africa but feel that your English is limited, this is not a problem as we can easily offer you an excellent guide who speaks your language. We do have guides who speak a lot of languages, however limited, but please request for them early.

A Special Request can also mean a certain hobby. Everyone has different interests and of course everyone will have fun watching a herd of elephants. You might find it very interesting to learn more about birds or insects. It may be that you want to discover a great variety of landscapes or just want to see the fascinating primates in Tanzania. And so there are many examples, interests and hobbies to be found. So let us know and we will make the trip suitable for you. Guides also have their own preference of animals, some guides really know everything about birds and others about photography. The right guide on a trip is very important for a perfect holiday.