Lemosho Route 9 Days/ 8 Nights.

Day 01: FOREST
After picking up the requisite documentation at the park gate, the safari continues to the Lemosho Glades starting point. Less steep than the Machame route and less used, today’s trek is through the forest that laces the foot of the mountain. This evening's camp is pitched in the forest at around 2750m.

Day 02: SHIRA 1
Today's trek takes you slowly up the edge of the Shira volcano. As you gain altitude the vegetation thins and exotic species of high altitude plants appear. Camp is situated near the rim of the ancient volcano and provides a good opportunity to get the first direct views of Kilimanjaro's peak. Camp is pitched at about 3500m.

Day 03: SHIRA 2 Trek to Shira 2 Camp across the Shira Plateau, the flat caldera of a volcano that was actually bigger and is much older than Kilimanjaro. Views can be very weather specific but on good days are breathtaking. Bilious clouds are often observed melting down from its rim onto the heath covered plateau. Kibo also shines with a silvery luminance as the glaciers reflect the strong sunlight. At times mist covers the plateau - views come and go quickly. You arrive in time for lunch and then have plenty time to relax and even go for a short acclimatization walk in the afternoon.

Today you will walk for 3 - 5 hours, enjoying sightings of the typical Kilimanjaro mountain vegetation and reaching a high point of around 4600 meters at our Lava Tower camp. The hiking takes us out of the heath zone into alpine desert where only the very toughest tussock grasses can survive. Freezing at night and blazing conditions in the day make this a hard place to exist. For those that are up to it we ascend the Lava Tower in the afternoon. Overnight Lava Tower (full board).

Today we hike from Lava Tower to Karanga valley. The trail initially sets of down hill into the Barranco valley before ascending the Barranco wall. In this region there are significant numbers of very mature Senecios (giant groundsels). Lunch is taken on trail before heading onto Karanga valley and up to camp. In the afternoon we have time to relax and for the very active there is a chance to head over to the Karanga valley to look at some spectacular glacial scenery. Karanga Camp (full board).

Day 06: BARAFU
About 2 hours from Karanga you will come out on the Barafu path (part of the Mweka Trail). It is a further 1-2 hours to Barafu Hut. The last stage to Barafu hut is quite steep, and as always we advise taking it as easy as possible. Once in camp we have lunch and then in the afternoon head out on an afternoon acclimatization hike to around 4700 – 4800 meters. Back at camp dinner is served. Views of Mawenzi peak are also superb here. Overnight Barafu camp (full board).

Day 07: CRATER
Today we ascend to the roof of Africa! After an early start we ascend up to the rim of the Kibo crater. It’s slow going as there is so little oxygen here. However, with patience and determination we arrive at the rim and descend into the crater for lunch in camp. The afternoon is taken relaxing and acclimatizing. It is a short walk over to the Furtwangler glacier for those that are feeling active! Dinner and overnight at the Crater Camp (full board).

We rise early to try to time our ascent with the rising sun. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to reach Uhuru peak – our ultimate goal. After sunrise we then head down the mountain down scree slopes and the biggest glacial valley on Kilimanjaro. The trail passes back through Barafu camp where we rest briefly before continuing down to Millenium camp for lunch. In the afternoon we take an easy pace down to Mweka camp, our last camp on Kilimanjaro. Dinner and overnight Mweka camp (full board).

Day 09: ARUSHA
The final descent takes you through the lower heath section that eventually turns into rainforest. Your time on Kilimanjaro ends at Mweka Gate where your vehicle will be waiting to transfer you back to your evening's accommodation . You may now relax, take a hot shower or even relax by the pool! Enjoy a wonderful celebration dinner.

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